World Peace is achievable BUT it is up to each and every one of us! If you truly hunger for world peace, and I am sure you do, you cannot sit back and curse the world condition and do nothing. You MUST be an active part of the process!!

I initiated this project to ultimately write and publish a book assembling ideas from minds more brilliant than mine in identifying just what this process is. Some of the thoughts presented here are over 5000 years old but are as valid now as it was then.

I NEED YOUR HELP! Take the time to look at the "in progress" presentation below. For those of you who have an audio bend, it has sound. It also leverage images for those who are visual.

In Progress HTML Presentation Developing the Planned Outline of This Book

If you have any of your own ideas and suggestions for this book, like to help in it's development, desire to pass the word, want to join my advisory group, please send an e-mail to me at Jim@OurRoadToWorldPeace.com or if you are a member of the Facebook community or want to join us in this community go to our Facebook Page on this site and see a window to our page on Facebook or select a link to take you to our page on Facebook.

If you are interested as to why I got involved in this project and some of the rational for why we are doing this, take a look at our Background page!

I have just started adding links to other internet site which, like us, are dedicated to World Peace. If you know of any of these sites, please let me know and I will add links to them. Here are the links I have thus far:

Internet Sites Dedicated to World Peace

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