In prayer one night in church in front of my God I reflected about all the suffering within the world, about past and upcoming wars, and I as so many of you yearned for Peace. I then prayed for world peace. In my prayer I thought about the wisdom of so many people through the ages up to now who had God given insights into the building blocks of peace. People such as Confucius, Dandamis, Buddha, Jesus, Francis of Assisi, Teresa of Avail, George Washington Carver, Dr. Viktor Frankl, Eva Perón, Mahatma Gandhi, Princess Diana, Dr. Stephen Covey, M. Scott Peck, Muhammad Anwar al-Sadat, Menachem Begin, Kim Dae-jung, to name just a few. Through out my career, in addition to my scientific and management endeavors, I have both studied and been involved in personal and organizational dynamics. I had a feeling that God had a reason for my diverse and varied background. In that moment and subsequent moments of prayer before my Creator, I sensed He wanted me to collaborate with many people of good will of multiple faiths or no faiths, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, races and gender to author a book titled "Our Road to World Peace". Everyone of us have the power of laying the ground work for world peace. This is what I hope to capture in this book.

Let me tell you a little something about me. I am a retired Federal Manager with an over 35 year career in the Department of Defense testing field. With my background, my writing a book on the "Our Road to World Peace" sounds strange, doesn’t it. I have no regrets for my career. I considered it an honor to have been a civil servant, a servant of both the people and the military. The military does not make wars; it is the politicians who misuses them. If the world lives with the same heroic courage, integrity, and code of honor as most of the military I have been blessed to know through my life and career, it would be well on the way to peace. I believe I can apply my God given broad experience in the defense field in International Negotiations, Organizational Development, Reengineering Organizational Structures, Human Dynamics, Test & Evaluation, Management of Scientific Organizations, etc. to setting in motion and collaborating with others on this project. Through my career in Defense and paralleling Alfred Noble, inventor of Dynamite who is the founder of the Noble Peace Prize, I see the destructiveness of some of the modern day weapons which we as human beings use on our fellow human beings. Because of this, I dream of world peace and want to do something more to contribute to this dream. I am writing this, trying to live my life, and encouraging all to live our lives according to the principles of the "Our Road to World Peace" illustrated in the link below. These are not my principles but are nature's principles or laws that are self evident in the deepest inner recesses of every human being. We will only have world peace if we as individuals align our value systems with these principles regardless of our walks of life (laborers, professionals, military, politicians, business owners, preachers, employees, and on and on) and our faith (Jews, Christian, Moslem, Hindu, Buddhists, those of any beliefs, and those of no beliefs). World Peace is up to each and every one of us! If we really want it, then we have to really work hard for it by living principle centered lives and take accountability for all of our actions. Considering this, principle centered soldiers, politicians, laborers, professionals, mothers, fathers, etc. contribute significantly to laying the ground work for a stable and self fulfilling society because their lives which are aligned with principles and as such are not generating destabilizing influences.

Let's do something positive to make this a better world for future generations. Please follow us on this "Road to Peace", then maybe someday we will not need people like myself and others to dedicate careers to defense (especially our brave young people of so many nations having to put their lives on the line in military and other comparable services). Think of what could be accomplished if all of this time, talent, and financial resources would not need to be dedicated to war efforts or even defense efforts because the world is secure. It is up to each and everyone of us. We have to get it right in this life because God expects this of us in the next life.

Is this possible? By and of ourselves, no! If we individually and collectively draw our strength from God, then most certainly yes!! Again it is up to us!

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